Ahepa Hellenic Heritage Foundation - Testimonials

From: Bill N. Ameredes
To: AHEPA Headquarters
Subject: AHEPA Float

I want to express my feelings regarding the beautiful float submitted by the AHEPA in the New Year's day parade, year 2000. Although it was only on the TV screen for from fifteen to thirty seconds it was a very emotional experience for me personally. I will not join those who say the money was wasted. Indeed it should be recognized that to get national attention for that period of TV time would take about a half to a million dollars. The money was well spent. As the float went along the screen such Greek words as "filotimo," and "Patrioti," raced through my mind. We need more, not less, exposure of this type so that we can erase the stereotypical thinking which exists in the minds of our fellow Americans. Keep up the good work. Sincerely Bill N. Ameredes. Vice President, Akron Good Friendship Chapter #63.

Bill N. Ameredes
President - AMHAS (Asia Minor Hellenic American Society)
Voice: (330) 688-6575

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