Ahepa Hellenic Heritage Foundation - Archive - Rules For Float Decorating

Suggestions For All Decorating Crew Members
December 23, 1999

  1. Please do not bring radios, walkmen or expensive cameras. They are hard to keep track of and are sometimes misplaced. It is safer to only bring your I.D. and money into the building. Lock all purses in the trunk of your car or leave them at home.
  2. Wear old, but warm, clothing and sturdy shoes with closed toe and heel.
  3. It's not a good idea to wear jewelry. It gets messy and sometimes lost.
  4. People with long hair should tie it back or wear a scarf. The only way to get glue out of your hair is to cut it out.
  5. It is very important that each person, or the group, bring extra:
    • old scissors
    • old rags for clean-up
    • pruning shears
    • tweezers
    • masking tape
    • light surgical type gloves available by the box in drug stores (if you are allergic to glue).
  6. Fire lanes must be kept open at all times and the area around the float should be kept clean.
  7. Please do not expect to use the business phones in the office. There will be pay phones located outside the front door (north door). Incoming calls will not be accepted for workers, and no paging will be allowed from the office. We will take emergency calls only.
  8. Please do not eat or drink in the building. You will be asked to leave.
  9. No one is allowed inside the building during judging. When you are asked to step outside, please do so promptly, and remember to take with you any personal items you may need.
  10. Please wear your building pass while you are working.
  11. All breaks are to be taken outside.
  12. No one is allowed in the building under the age of thirteen (13).
  13. One adult leader is required for every eight decorators 13-16 years of age.
  14. Volunteers are here to work. Remember, there will be some not-so-glamorous jobs that need to be done, besides the fun jobs of decorating; it all has to get done.
  15. No smoking in the building at all.
  16. No more than three (3) people are allowed on a scaffold at a time. ABSOLUTELY no food or drink is allowed up on scaffolding.
  17. Do not move scaffolding. We have a crew that will do all the moving.
  18. Do not wear flowers at ANY time, even after all the floats have left the building.
  19. Please sign-in with your crew chief when you arrive at your float, and sign-out when you leave your float at night.
  20. When you have completed your float, please do not get in the way of crews still working on other floats. You may be asked to work on a float that is running behind, or to leave the building.
  21. We are here to do a job. Let's do it to the best of our ability, as well as having fun working together.

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