Ahepa Hellenic Heritage Foundation - Archive - 1999 Float Facts

  • 2 tons of fresh flowers.
  • 20,000 roses - red, white, yellow and pink.
  • Marble made from ground rice and sesame seeds.
  • Floral piano completely detailed with red cut straw flower, golden cut straw flower, flax seed, silver leaf, onion seed, clover seed, and seaweed for the ebony finish. Piano keys are made from ground rice.
  • There are four types of trees used: olive, pine, cedar, and juniper.
  • The olive branches will be flown directly from Greece.
  • The float weighs 15 tons, 17 tons with flowers.
  • It is 55 feet long, 18 feet wide, and 17 feet, 4 inches high.
  • It is powered by a Chevrolet 350 engine with special governors to limit the top speed to 10 miles per hour.
  • 15 teenagers will ride the float, determined by a contest held throughout the United States.
  • One adult piano player will ride the float.

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