Ahepa Hellenic Heritage Foundation - Archive - 1999 Executive Committee

  • Nick Perdaris, Co-Chairman
  • Chris Mellas, Co-Chairman

  • L. Maxwell Anastopulos, Esq., Foundation Attorney
  • Constantine D. Basdakis, AHEPA Family Fund Raising
  • James N. Birakos, Ph.D., Media Relations
  • John S. Buzas, Esq., Pasadena Operations
  • Sitheris V. Chebithes, Esq., Advisor
  • James F. Dimitriou, Ph.D., Advisor
  • Constantino Z. Frangos, Advisor
  • Lyle K. Hochberger, AHEPA District 20 Governor, 1998-1999
  • Carol Stathopoulos, Daughters of Penelope District 20 Governor, 1998-1999
  • Dean S. Tripodes, Internet and Website Coordinator
  • Elaine Efstathiou, Float Decoration Coordinator
  • Marlena Uchimura, Advisor

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